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District Cooling Plant At Business Bay - Empower

  • Contract Value : AED 158 million
  • Contract Duration : 15 months
  • Client/ Owner : EMPOWER
  • Consultant : Allied Consultants
  • Main Contractor : Trans Gulf Electro-Mech
  • Completion Date : 2014

The Empower District Cooling Plant (DCP-02) at Business Bay Dubai, will have a proposed built-up area of 101,625 sq ft with a total capacity of 43,750 TR.

Trans Gulf is responsible for the design and development of engineering drawings, plant & material selection, procurement, installation, commissioning and performance validation of the mechanical & electrical chilled water process plant for the district cooling system at Business Bay.

Scope of work includes the following:

• Design and construct 1 x 43,750 TR District Cooling Plants, 7 x Chiller Modules of 5000TR capacity
• Supply and install 2 x Thermal Energy Storage Tanks of 4375 TR capacity each with a total capacity of 43,750 TR
• Supply and install 13 transformers rated 2000 KVA
• Supply and install 5 x MV Switchgears on the ground floor feeding to 14 Chillers of a total load 23.4 MW

The LV Room contains 13 MDBs to feed power to the building services and 37 VFDs, which are catering to respective equipment such as the primary, secondary and condenser pumps, the makeup water pumps, the cooling towers on the roof and building services at all levels.. One backup generator of 315 KVA is provided for maintaining an essential power supply in case of a mains power supply failure.

Common area lights are controlled by a lighting control system. Exit & emergency lights are connected to a central battery emergency system. The fire alarm system is as per the requirement of Civil Defense Authority. The telephone network connection is from Du and design is as per Du design guidelines. The Low Current System consists of CCTV and an access control system.

The chilled water circuit comprises of eight primary pumps and nine secondary pumps and the condenser circuit comprises eight condenser pumps and eight cooling towers cells on the roof. The chillers are located in the basement, the TES tanks on the ground floor, all pumps on the first floor and the cooling towers on the roof.

Upon completion the project will provide chilled water to the commercial and showroom buildings, residential buildings and town houses..